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Ninalik Arirak (Struggle for Freedom) CD

Ninalik Arirak is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut album from the Wenda family. The band has now evolved to include all of Benny and Maria’s children. Benny plays ukulele, Maria plays acoustic guitar, and their children play a variety of traditional instruments including the Papuan tiva drum.The lyrics and harmonies celebrate the mystery and natural beauty of Papua, retell legends, impart knowledge and wisdom, lament, laugh, rage, speak about the ordinariness of daily life, and the struggles and joys of relationships.

The Lani Singers continue to perform live across the UK and Europe, using the power of music to spread awareness of the plight of their people. The Lani Singers have performed live sessions and interviews on the "World Routes" show on BBC Radio 3, presented by Lucy Duran. They have also appeared as guests twice on DJ Ritu’s ‘A World In London’ show on BBC Radio London.

14 tracks. Duration: 47 min. Producer: Engin Hassan

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